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Submersible pump unit

 - Flows from 8.3 GPM to 255 GPM
 - All components are enclosed within the tank
 - The tank is welded construction
 - Every tank is leak tested
 - Hinged top/front door on submersible unit provides easy access to controls for adjusting and maintenance
 - Motor and pump are isolated by vibration dampening mounts.  Outlet locations are available as requested

Standard Tank Sizes:
W  X  D  X  H
33 X 18 X 48
38 X 20 X 48
42 X 26 X 48
48 X 30 X 48

Standard Equipment:
* Imperial Electric * Lincoln Motors – 5 to %0 HP * Single and three phrase available * Maxton Values * IMO and Allweiler Pumps * Bore-Max Silencers * Seismic anchoring mounts * 20” Oil level sight guage * Vented cover * Isolation mounts between motor/pump and frame
Optional Equipment:
* Low oil level switch * Low oil pressure switch * Oil Heaters/Oil coolers * Isolation mounting pads * Dual pump/motor * Special units and custom sizes are available upon request.

Dry Belt Driven Pump Unit

(Motors are available in all standard voltages)
Standard Equipment
*IMO Pumps to 375 GPM * Lincoln Motors, Imperial Motors up to 75HP 80/120 starts per hour * Maxton quality valves * 20” Oil level sight guage * Fully tested 12 guage tank mounted on a heavy duty structural steel stand * Motor and pump are isolated with vibration dampening mounts * Outlet locations per customer requirement * Bore-Max silencers * Drip pan *Vented Cover * Sheave and belt guard * Seismic anchoring mounts

Option Equipment
*Low oil level switch * Low pressure switch (Required if jack head is above power unit) * Oil heaters * Noren passive oil cooler * Seismic anchoring w/mounting pads * Sound isolation covers *Special units and custom sizes available upon request


SRH Hydrolic Controller
Smartrise’s SRH Hydraulic Controller is one of the only hydraulic controllers on the market with velocity and distance feedback.  It reduces valve adjustment time by watching the car performance on the screen.
    Technical Specifications
  • Conveniently shares the same hardware and software platform as our high-end traction controllers
  • Feedback: Distance and Velocity
  • Max Floors:  10
  • Max Speed:  200FPM
  • Dimensions:  30” X 24”
  • Optional Add-Ons
  • Battery Lowering Unit
  • Smart View (Remote Monitoring)